The Fund for the Stewardship and Recovery of the Salt Marsh (SALARTE), is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 by a group of independent professionals with a vocation to recuperate, manage and highlight the value of the salt marsh through scientific, environmental, ethnographic, economic and socio-cultural initiatives.

Salarte strives to demonstrate that a sustainable management of these marshes can generate social and economic benefits, improve biodiversity and strengthen the bond between the land and its citizens, developing projects in the Bay of Cádiz Natural Park, Doñana and the Trebujena Marshes, amongst others. It/we have been recognised by numerous public and private entities amongst which the Andalucia Environmental Award in 2015; the Andalusian Voluntary Award 2016; its recognition with the Flag of Andalucia 2017 for its environmental dedication and awarded in 2020 with the EUROPARC Inspiring Experiences Awards, are to be highlighted.

Our headquarters is located in the Tidal Mill El Caño, in the Bay of Cádiz Natural Park.


Land Stewardship

The recuperation, management and highlighting the value of the salt marshes in the general sphere of the Autonomous Community of Andalucía and particularly the Bay of Cádiz, providing the necessary services to drive scientific, social, cultural, economic, ethnographic and environmental initiatives.

Conservation management

Strengthening biodiversity and improving the ecological functionality of these territories generates numerous associated benefits with regard to income, wealth and employment, basing ourselves on the premise of the sustainability of the proposed actions, guaranteeing a minimal environmental impact of aforementioned actions.


Disseminate and make public the multiple benefits at every level of a territory that has been secularly used by human beings, bearing in mind that marshes constitute the ecosystem of greatest biological productivity on the planet and their abandonment entails an uncalculable loss of heritage.

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You can collaborate with us in several ways in the custody and recovery of the salt marsh:

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Privacy policy and legal note
Fund for the Stewardship and Recovery of the Salt Marsh (Salarte)
Molino de Mareas El Caño. C/ Francisco Cossi Ochoa, s/n. 11.500 El Puerto de Santa María, (Cádiz). C.I.F. G91991950.
Registered in the Registro de Asociaciones de Andalucía with nº10.226 – Section 1. And in the Registro Andaluz de Entidades de Voluntariado with number 2804.